5 reasons to live in Manchester

Looking for reasons to live in Manchester? Manchester is a great choice my friend, great choice. There are so many amazing things about this wonderful City, far too many wonders to cram into one itsy bitsy blog post, so we have tried to squeeze in some of our favourite things into this simple post.

First of all, we do have to brag about our recent victory as Manchester was voted THE BEST PLACE TO LIVE IN THE UK 2016! The survey was conducted by the The Global Livability Survey.  Manchester scored 88.8 out of a 100, beating London by a few places.

It was a pleasure to hear what Sir Richard Leese, the leader of Manchester council had to say:

“Manchester is known to be a safe and friendly place for tourists and locals, with a huge amount to do and see, two of the world’s top football teams, along with top flight universities and ever growing employment opportunities. When you put all this together it’s easy to see why Manchester is somewhere people want to live.”

Source: MEN News

Here are our 5 Top Reasons to Live in Manchester


  1. The People

Ay-up our kid, welcome to Manchester, don’t worry about the accent it b ‘reet! It’s proper mint once you get used to it…OK so it may take some time to learn the local slang, but us Manchester folk aren’t afraid to say hello and crack a joke.  Manchester people are proper generous too. For example, last Christmas a Rochdale couple fed 100 homeless and vulnerable people in a random act of kindness. Read the full story here.  Another example is when Manchester Dogs Home suffered a terrible fire, £1,400,000 was donated by the people to rebuild, read the story here.

So if you want to live in Manchester, relatively speaking you will be joining a bunch of happy and proud people who will gladly talk to you at a bus stop, or hold a door open for you.

  1. The Culture

More great reasons to live in Manchester: the wealth of culture, history, arts and architecture.  Discover incredible creations at and The Manchester Art Gallery and the Whitworth Art Gallery which houses works by van Gogh and Picasso. There are some brilliant museums to explore too. The Imperial War Museum, Museum of Science and Industry, and the Manchester Museum just to name a few.

Manchester is also well known for its superb Theatres such as the Manchester Opera House, the Palace Theatre, and the Royal Exchange, not to forget the brilliant Lowry Theatre in Salford. There is always something on entertain and delight you, from West End productions to Ballet, Opera and smaller amateur productions.

In terms of Classical Music Manchester has two incredible symphony orchestras that you absolutely must see, the BBC Philharmonic and the Hallé. There is also a chamber orchestra, the Manchester Camerata, and the Gorton Philharmonic Orchestra, an amateur orchestra. You should definitely check out the Bridgewater Hall to check for upcoming events.

I’m no architect, but I do know pretty buildings when I see one. The architecture in Manchester is something special.  Check out Visit Manchester to see a great list of examples and places to visit. Of course, one place I have visited frequently (probably too frequently) is ‘sky’ bar at The Hilton. This is currently the tallest building in Manchester, and I definitely recommend visiting the bar at Cloud 23 on the 23rd floor (of course!) to get stunning, unobstructed views of the beautiful Manchester City skyline…and the cocktails…but I mainly go for the skyline…not the incredibly intricate and delicious cocktails…nope. Just the Skyline….

  1. The Nightlife

Of course of the main reasons to live in Manchester is the world class nightlife, there is just SO much variety with bars and clubs to cater to different tastes. The restaurants are such an important part of the Manchester nightlife, but im going to refrain from talking about this as I will be talking about the food in the 4th reason to live in Manchester.

I’ve already mentioned the Cloud 23 bar, but there are so many other cool places I’m not sure where to start! Ok. Focus. My favourite clubs are The Milton Club, Bijou, Suede and Tiger Tiger.

So despite my preferences, there are loads of top places to party you will never get bored. From rock clubs like Satan’s Hollow, to rave and dance institutions like Sankeys and The Warehouse Project, to Live Jazz at Band on the Wall, there really is something for everyone – take a look at Manchester At Night to see a range of clubs on offer.

In terms of bars, my favourites are the wonderfully exotic Hula Tiki Lounge and The Liars Club for the rum lovers, not to mention Revolution De Cuba, this vibrant Cuban restaurant also doubles as a night club which is definitely worth a visit. Check out Manchester Bars to see what else is out there as there is simply too many to mention!

  1. The Food

Food glorious food! I’m anxious to try it! No really. I’m anxious to try it all. I’m personally trying to eat my way through every Manchester restaurant. It may take me my entire adult life but it’s a journey I’m willing to take. Overall the variety is astounding, from South Pacific flavours of Australasia; to beautiful steaks at Grill on the Alley; Incredible desserts at James Martin Manchester and Japanese flavours at Sakana; not to forget the Michelin starred Simon Rogan at The French (in the Midland Hotel).

There is also an entire MILE of curry houses in Rusholme. Yes you read that right, a whole mile. Check out Restaurants in Manchester to see what flavours await you. The food scene is definitely one of the key reasons to live in Manchester, that’s for sure.

  1. The Jobs

So if you’re going to wine and dine you are going to need to either win the lottery or get paid for work! As I have totally failed to win the lottery it’s lucky that there appears to be an increase in employment in the region. Impressively, The New Economy Manchester states that around 110,000 additional jobs are expected to be created within Greater Manchester between the years 2014 and 2024.  (Source: New Economy). Naturally, the increase in jobs and industry in the region are valid reasons to live in Manchester.

Key Sectors In Manchester Include:

Business, Financial & Professional Services: Beside London, Greater Manchester is the country’s biggest centre for the sector with 324,000 Manchester staff and generating £16.2 billion of GVA annually. Key companies include Co-op Banking Group, RBS and BNY Mellon.

Health & Social Care: This sector employs 177,000 Manchester staff and generating annual GVA of £4.2 billion. Notable assets include The Christie and the UK Biobank.

Creative & Digital: Manchester has the largest creative and digital hubs in the UK, employing 63,500 Manchester staff and generating GVA of £3.1 billion each year. This is assisted by the famous MediaCityUK which is home to media giants BBC & ITV as well as The Sharp Project to name just a few.

Education: The education sector hires 115,900 Manchester Staff, and creates an annual GVA of £3.7 billion.

Manufacturing: The manufacturing sector hires a whopping one-in-ten residents in Greater Manchester (123,000). Around 50,000 people are working in advanced manufacturing, which creates a massive £3.9 billion of GVA each year. Major companies include NXP, Siemens and Holroyd.

Sport: This sector hires 18,100 Manchester Staff and brings in an annual GVA of £0.33 billion. Of course Manchester is home to world famous football clubs like Manchester United and Manchester City.

Source: Greater Manchester Forecasting Model, Visit Manchester, New Economy

So if you are looking for jobs in Manchester check out our dedicated job board to search for local jobs. There are plenty of apprenticeship opportunities in Manchester too. This is an incredible way for young people to step into the world of work. Any employer reading this should get in touch and take advantage of our FREE apprenticeship recruitment service. The more apprenticeships and jobs we can create together, the more reasons to live in Manchester.

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