Brexit Withdrawal Agreement: Workers Rights & Citizens Rights

Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Workers Rights & Citizens Rights


Theresa May today announced that a draft withdrawal agreement has been backed by The Cabinet. The agreement is a whopping 585 pages, but we immediately started searching for the proposals regarding workers rights, something we feel is relevant to our sector and to the well-being of all Citizens in general.

“This deal, which delivers on the vote of the referendum, which brings back control of our money, laws and borders, ends free movement, protects jobs, security and our Union; or leave with no deal, or no Brexit at all.”

The document itself is long, and full to the brim with legal jargon; if you are feeling brave, stick the kettle on and read the full agreement here. We have summarized the key points below regarding workers rights and Citizens rights under the agreement as we understand it.

Citizens Rights

  1. Citizens of UK who reside in EU states, and EU Citizens residing in UK shall retain their right of residence in the host State*
  2. Family members who are either Union citizens or United Kingdom nationals shall have the right to reside in the host State*
  3. Family members who are neither Union citizens nor United Kingdom nationals shall have the right to reside in the host State*

*subject to the limitations and conditions of the articles

Rights of Exit and Entry

  1. Union citizens and United Kingdom nationals, their respective family members, and other persons, who reside in the territory of the host State in accordance with the conditions set out in this Title shall have the right to leave the host State and the right to enter it, with a valid passport or national identity card
  2. Five years after the end of the transition period, the host State may decide no longer to accept national identity cards for the purposes of entry to or exit
  3. No exit visa, entry visa or equivalent formality shall be required for holders of valid documents

Right of permanent residence

  1. Union citizens and United Kingdom nationals, and their respective family members, who have resided legally in the host State in accordance with Union law for a continuous period of  5 years shall have the right to reside permanently
  2. Once acquired, the right of permanent residence shall be lost only through absence from the host State for a period exceeding 5 consecutive years.

Equal Treatment

  1. All Union citizens or United Kingdom nationals residing on the basis of this Agreement in the territory of the host State shall enjoy equal treatment with the nationals of that State

Workers Rights

Workers in the host State and frontier workers in the State or States of work shall enjoy the rights:

  1. The right not to be discriminated against on grounds of nationality as regards employment, remuneration and other conditions of work and employment
  2. The right to take up and pursue an activity in accordance with the rules applicable to the nationals of the host State or the State of work;
  3. The right to assistance afforded by the employment offices
  4. The right to equal treatment in respect of conditions of employment and work, in particular as regards remuneration, dismissal and in case of unemployment, reinstatement or re-employment;
  5. The right to social and tax advantages;
  6. Collective rights;
  7. The rights and benefits accorded to national workers in matters of housing;
  8. The right for their children to be admitted to the general educational, apprenticeship and vocational training courses under the same conditions as the nationals of the host State or the State of work, if such children are residing in the territory where the worker works.

Of course, this is just a draft Brexit withdrawal agreement.  It is by no means a done deal but regardless of your views on Brexit, one thing is for certain, we all want to see workers and citizens rights protected.


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