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So you decided to employ an apprentice in Manchester and grow your business, but unsure how it all works and what framework to use? We got it covered. Our apprentice recruitment service is totally free for local employers and we will help you to identify the right type of training and delivery model. We will fill you in on all the things you need to know and what to expect.

We advertise your apprenticeship vacancy on premium job boards such as CV Library, Reeds, Adzuna, Indeed, Universal Job Match, and much more. In fact our job board network covers hundreds of local and niche job sites too. Rest assured, if you want to employ an apprentice in Manchester, our adverts will reach the best local talent. In addition to job board adverts, we proactively engage with jobseekers and parents on social media channels such as Facebook to ensure we reach as many local candidates as possible.


We filter though the CV’s and hand pick the best candidates for your role. We then conduct telephone interviews to probe their character and CV. As school leavers do not generally have lots of experience to draw upon, we put the emphasis on their potential, attitude, school grades and character.

We will talk to you about our findings for each candidate plus send you their CV for you to review. We will give you a brief overview and our first impressions.  You are in full control and get to choose if you would like to proceed with each specific candidate.

Once we find you a candidate who is the right fit, you simply need to follow all the necessary HR and legal steps such as conducting a CRB check if necessary, checking the candidates right to work in the UK, and checking work references. These checks are the employers responsibility. Once satisfied, you would send a formal offer of employment to us and we will coordinate the start date along with college enrolment.

Once a offer of employment is made we will arrange for our training provider to enrol the apprentice. A representative from the training provider will contact you directly to arrange a date. The training provider will provide you with a point of contact and will assist you in applying for any grants you may be eligible for such as the £1,500 AGE 16-24 GRANT.

We will always be at your disposal throughout your apprenticeship should you have any questions or need any assistance. We also recruit full time staff and arrange further business training for your existing staff too. We will always be available to support your business.


Apprenticeships are Government funded training programmes for people aged 16 and over. It is a proper job where an employer mentors and trains a new recruit, thus moulding and shaping their future workforce. A training assessor will visit every 8 weeks to train the apprentice and check on NVQ progress, leading to a nationally recognised qualification. We encourage employers who want to employ an apprentice in Manchester as it is great for the economy, the local community, and for future generations.

When you employ an apprentice in Manchester, we try our very best to keep costs as low as possible. This starts by providing our services for free. The College training for 16-18 year old apprentices is totally free too as it is paid for by the Government.

For 19-24 year olds the Government funds 50% of the training costs, but due to our partnerships with training providers we may be able to negotiate a lower fee for 19-24 year olds, or waive the fee completely in many cases.

Once we have your vacancy we will start negotiating with our training providers to keep the costs as low as possible for your business. We try our hardest to keep it totally free so all you have to worry about is the apprentice’s salary. Apprentices are also exempt from National Insurance Contributions.

Apprentices are only allowed to work up to 40 hours per week but most apprentices work between 35 hours and 37.5 hours per week. This would typically be between 9am and 5.30pm with a 1 hour lunch. Apprentices must work a minimum of 30 hours per week.

An apprentice salary starts from £3.40 per hour which is the minimum set by the Government for the first year of employment. Employers set the wage and some pay much more than minimum.

When you employ an apprentice in Manchester, due to the competition for places, we encourage employers to pay more than the minimum wage in order to attract the best talent, normally over £4.50 per hour. However, we understand every business is different and we will work to your budget.

These rates are for the National Living Wage and the National Minimum Wage from 1 October 2016.

Year25 and over21 to 2418 to 20Under 18Apprentice
April 2016 (current rate)£7.20£6.70£5.30£3.87£3.40

At the end of the Apprenticeship your apprentice will have gained real work experience in and up to two NVQ qualifications that will help them to progress in their career. The apprentice’s contract should be the duration of the apprenticeship, so you can part ways if you choose, but if your apprentice has acquired valuable skills, adapted to your culture and gained qualifications, it would be ideal to offer the apprentice a full time position. You can also choose to enrol and progress your apprentice onto a higher apprenticeship level and continue their development.

  1. You must provide on the job training and support in the role.
  2. You must provide a mentor to guide and support your apprentice.
  3. You must ensure apprentices gain the relevant practical work-based experience to enable them to gain the evidence for their portfolios.
  4. You are responsible for the wages of your apprentices (Minimum wages of at least £3.30 per hour for a minimum of 30 hours per week)
  5. You must available approximately every eight weeks to review the learners’ progress with the training provider assessor.
  6. You must be able to provide a safe working environment and be compliant with health & safety law.
  7. If your apprentice needs to attend College for off-site training, you must allow this and pay the apprentice’s wage for time at College.
  8. You must treat your apprentice fairly, with respect, and treat them like every other member of staff.
apprenticeship recruitment manchester
apprentice recruitment manchester

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