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Manchester Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships in Manchester

Apprenticeships in Manchester are proper jobs combined with on-the-job training. You will be a paid employee, so you can earn while you learn on the job.  Research shows that apprentices can earn on average £100,000 more over their career. If you are looking for Manchester apprenticeships, submit your CV and get in our talent pool!


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What are Manchester Apprenticeships?

Manchester apprenticeships are real jobs that provide training which would mean you can earn and learn whilst gaining a nationally recognised qualification. Most apprenticeships last for 12 months but they can be anywhere from 1-4 years long depending on the level. You may have to attend College, but in some cases the training is done in the workplace.

What are the benefits?

You earn at least £3.40 per hour while you work towards a nationally recognised qualification. Many companies pay over the minimum wage and offer great perks too. If you attend College without an apprenticeship, you only get the qualification. With an apprenticeship you get qualified, get paid, get experience on your C.V., and get paid holiday! Now that’s better right?


What are the entry requirements?

The only qualifications that employers look for are GCSE results, many companies prefer candidates to have achieved A – C GCSE in Maths and English. Don’t worry if you didn’t do that well! If you got D or lower you may need to complete functional skills during the apprenticeship.


What do employers look for?

When it comes to Apprenticeships in Manchester, local employers are generally looking for candidates who are reliable, motivated, confident, presented well and are hungry to learn. Character is everything and you need to communicate just how much this job means to you and prepare well for any interview. Remember P.R.E.P- be Presentable, Reliable, Excited, and Prepared.

Do I need any experience?

In most Level 2 apprenticeships experience is not necessary at all. Most companies understand that school leavers generally don’t have much work experience and aim to train you up. For Level 3+ apprenticeships you can expect employers to look for candidates who have already completed a level 2 or have relevant work experience.

of 15 or more.

Are there any costs?

You just need to pay for any travel arrangements such as fuel or bus passes to get to work and back. This is amazing when you consider University costs £9,000 per year…you can work your way up the ladder, earning money, getting qualified and have no student debt at all!


    A clear, well presented C.V with the correct spelling and grammar is essential. This is how you advertise yourself.


    Think hard about what you want to be. Apprenticeships give you qualifications in a chosen sector, so think carefully what you want to be.


    Use our awesome job search tool to find apprenticeships in your area. Apply direct to employers or via our job board.


    Keep a close eye on your phone & email. You will be contacted for more info so make sure you reply to any messages quickly.


    Once an interview is secured, do your research! Check the company website, dress appropriately, and arrive on time!


    Once you start your new apprentice job, a local College will visit the workplace and enrol you onto the course. Now you are ready to earn & learn!

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Apprenticeships in Manchester

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Manchester Apprenticeships

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