national apprenticeship week 2017

Here at Manchester Staff Ltd we are celebrating National Apprenticeship Week 2017 by shining the spotlight on one of our apprentice recruits, Ryan Jones, and his awesome employer Point Blank Digital who have helped him to get his feet onto the ladder of opportunity and start a career in the world of Digital Marketing.

What is National Apprenticeship Week 2017?

National Apprenticeship Week is co-ordinated by the National Apprenticeship Service and is designed to celebrate apprenticeships. The aim of National Apprenticeship Week 2017 (#NAW2017)  is to increase awareness of apprenticeships by recognising apprenticeships as a “ladder of opportunity” to a brighter future for people like Ryan; and to  celebrate the benefits apprenticeships bring to employers like Point Blank Digital.

What does an Apprentice like Ryan do?

First of all, before we get to the benefits, what do apprentices like Ryan do at work? There is a misconception that apprentices are just there to make the teNational Apprenticeship Week 2017a…not true at all. Ryan busts the myth:

“I work in the SEO department for a digital marketing company. I carry out Outreach activities to gain links back to our client’s site, with an overall aim of increasing their rankings in the search engine results page and driving more organic traffic to their site.”

Ryan is working towards a Level 3 Digital Marketing & Social Media for Business Diploma while learning valuable hands-on skills in SEO which is fast becoming one of the most desired skills in marketing due to the well documented digital skills gap.

What are the Apprenticeship Benefits for the learner?

There are so many awesome benefits for the learner, mainly they are able to enter an industry; gain a nationally recognised qualification; and get important work experience that so many College and Uni courses simply do not provide. Of course apprentices get to enjoy a salary while they learn instead of racking up student debt.

Ryan said “I decided to become an apprentice as I feel that gaining experience as well as learning can be very valuable in my development, and potential career paths in the future. Already experiencing a full-time job and developing my knowledge on a daily basis in the workplace can only give me a favourable advantage over college and university students that may struggle for employment opportunities after completion of their course.”

Ryan hits the nail on the head. Learning on the job has the main advantage: you have a job! So many people leave university with large debts and still struggle to break into the industry due to lack of experience. With an apprenticeship you are already in a job, and have your feet firmly on the ladder of opportunity. Once you complete the apprenticeship you can progress onto a higher level and continue your development, or continue on as a full time member of the team with your feet on the next steps of that ladder.

Any stats to back this up?

According to data taken from the DfE Apprenticeship Core Brief  (November 2016), after finishing, a whopping 90% of apprentices stay in employment with seven in ten staying with the same employer.

There’s more, according to the same study, 89% of apprentices are satisfied with their apprenticeship; 85% of apprentices said their ability to do the job had improved, and 83% of apprentices said their career prospects had improved.

So, would Ryan recommend apprenticeships to others?

“I would definitely recommend apprenticeships to others as it provides young adults with lots of valuable skills such as job role knowledge, workplace experience, independence, a wage, confidence, managing workload, time-based management and potential future career paths.”

What are the benefits for apprentice employers like Point Blank Digital?

There are plenty of benefits for employers to enjoy such as zero recruitment costs (our apprentice recruitment service is totally free), enthusiastic staff who are eager to learn and progress, and acquire young mouldable staff who can be trained to do the job the way you like it to be done.

According to the DfE Apprenticeship Core Brief  (November 2016):

  • Apprenticeships boost productivity to businesses by on average £214 per week
  • Apprenticeships enable businesses to grow their skills base resulting in increased profits, lower prices and better products
  • 76% of employers say that productivity has improved
  • 75% of employers reported that apprenticeships improved the quality of their product or service

James Trotter,  Director & Head of Outreach at Point Blank Digital said, “Employing Ryan has allowed us to expand our client base, as we now have a larger team which can deal with more work.”

About Point Blank Digital

Point Blank Digital is a full Service digital marketing agency based & premier Google Partner in South Manchester. Their main services being Google AdWords/social ads, Web design, Search Engine Optimisation & Social Media management.  


Tel: 01625 505904

About Manchester Staff Ltd

Manchester Staff Ltd is a local recruitment agency that also offers a free apprenticeship recruitment service to help local employers find the right talent. We cover sales & marketing, financial services, digital & tech, office support, Gradates and Apprentices.


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