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We are a professional recruitment agency that forms part of the UK Staffing Group, a hugely successful group of market leading recruitment consultancies. As part of a larger group, we possess significant resources, and the most advanced recruitment technology. This allows us to provide our clients with outstanding time-to-hire rates and improved candidate relevancy. Our senior recruitment consultants specialise in PPC recruitment in Manchester and Cheshire. We have placed PPC and paid search professionals across Greater Manchester in a diverse range of agencies and client-side businesses. These include businesses covering sectors such as eCommerce; Sports & Fitness; Manufacturing; Full service, creative and specialist PPC agencies.

PPC Specialist/Manager

A PPC specialist or manager is responsible for creating, managing, and optimizing pay-per-click advertising campaigns across various platforms, such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, or social media advertising platforms. They monitor campaign performance, conduct keyword research, write ad copy, and make data-driven decisions.

SEM Analyst

An SEM (Search Engine Marketing) analyst focuses on analyzing data and providing insights to optimize paid search campaigns. They conduct performance analysis, keyword research, competitor analysis, and provide recommendations to improve campaign performance and ROI.

PPC Account Manager

A PPC account manager oversees multiple client accounts and is responsible for developing and implementing PPC strategies. They communicate with clients, set campaign objectives, monitor budgets, and ensure that campaigns align with client goals and expectations.

Paid Search Strategist

A paid search strategist develops comprehensive PPC strategies for businesses or agencies. They conduct market research, identify target audiences, set campaign goals, and devise plans to maximize ROI through paid search channels.


E-commerce PPC Specialist

An e-commerce PPC specialist focuses on driving paid traffic to online stores and optimizing campaigns for online sales. They work closely with e-commerce platforms and utilize tactics like product listing ads (PLAs) and remarketing to maximize conversions and revenue.

PPC Data Analyst

A PPC data analyst dives deep into campaign data, performs statistical analysis, and generates reports to uncover insights and trends. They help optimize campaigns based on data-driven recommendations, identify opportunities for improvement, and track key performance indicators (KPIs).

"Paid search is the art of transforming digital intent into meaningful connections, where every click carries the potential to unlock possibilities and ignite success.

PPC Recruitment Agency

For many Manchester businesses PPC and paid search is the most measurable acquisition channel for new customers. In many cases it is also the most effective method of delivering direct sales. This channel is an incredible way to reach and communicate with targeted customers and achieve pre-determined goals from brand awareness to making a sale or other conversion.

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PPC Recruitment Agency

PPC Recruitment Agency

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Most frequent questions and answers

Many companies have internal recruitment processes, but there are many valid reasons why a business should use a recruitment agency to hire marketing staff.  The benefits of using a reliable and trustworthy recruitment company ultimately boils down to saving time, money, and increased search quality.

The key advantages for using a recruitment agency are listed below:

  1. Faster recruitment times: Greater resources at our disposal, more man power,  specialist technology and dedicated candidate databases
  2. No win, no fee: you only pay if we actually find the right person, and they start work.
  3. Financial Guarantees: You are protected with a 30 day free replacement guarantee your risk.
  4. Market Knowledge: We have a greater understanding of the local job market and can reach local candidates faster and more discreetly
  5. Candidate Management: Part of our job is to manage the candidate’s expectations and this can put the employer in a stronger position, particularly when it comes to negotiation.
  6. Big Marketing Budgets: We have a 4 figure marketing budget across major job sites and databases for each job role we search for. If we fail to find the right person for your role, we lose money, so the recruiter takes on the initial financial risk.
  7. High Level Candidate Qualification: We have a 2 stage qualification process to screen candidates. Our deeper level of pre-screening stops you wasting time on low quality applicants. They have to get past us, before they can get past you.
  8. Reference Checks:  We ensure candidates are technically and culturally suitable and take to time to speak to previous employers.
  9. Free Your Time: Instead of spending days, weeks, even months searching yourself when you could be running your business, let us free up your time and energy.

It is no secret that there is a huge skills gap in digital skills in Manchester. The industry standard recruitment fees for marketing in particular, specialist digital roles, are between 15-20% of the first years annual base salary depending on the seniority of the role. However, this can go as high as 30% for hard to fill, specialist roles. Our fees are lower than these industry standard prices – call us on 0161 532 8252 for a no-obligation quote.

Yes you have protection. We offer a 30 day free replacement guarantee on all permanent placements we make. This means that in the unlikely event a candidate leaves employment within 30 days from starting work, our team of consultants get back to work to find you a suitable replacement at no extra cost. It is very much in our interest to find you the right person first time.

In order to fill your vacancy in a professional and timely manner, we deploy our unique 20 step search and selection process to identify candidates based upon your brief. We will pre-screen , audit and interview every suitable candidate for your role, both passive and active. From the very moment we make first contact with the candidates, to our formal interview process, we scrutinise their CV, employment history and motivations. We provide feedback to help with your decision making process.

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