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Employ Apprentices in Oldham: Free Recruitment

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Employ Apprentices in Oldham

Advertising your role

If your company is looking to employ apprentices in Oldham, you are in good hands. We offer FREE apprentice recruitment in Oldham for local employers. As recruitment specialists we are in the strongest position to source the best local talent due to our vast digital networks, premium job board access and talent pools.

Some Colleges excel at the training delivery, but maybe not so proactive with recruitment and simply place the job ad on their website and National Apprenticeship Service website. We get the best results by advertising on the internet aggressively with your job vacancy ensuring it reaches the most eyes possible. We post your apprenticeship vacancy on premium job boards, job search engine submissions, Universal Job Match, our own website & all social media accounts. We engage with candidates on social media pages and groups locally targeted for your area to drum up additional interest and drive traffic to our adverts.

Pre-screening and Qualifying Candidates

Getting your advert seen and attracting the maximum amount of potential apprentices in Oldham is just the first step. We use the latest recruitment software and CRM systems to collate all the CVs and applications from the large number of websites and job boards our advert goes out to. Once we read through all the CVs, we select the best candidates which have the right grades and potential.

We then make contact with these candidates to assess and qualify them. During their interview with Manchester Staff Ltd we run through their employment and education history, motivations and characteristics. Once satisfied, we send you the CVs to review, and arrange formal interviews with your business. Once we find a perfect apprentice for your business, we will arrange for a Training Provider to visit and arrange enrollment.

Ongoing Support

We will always be here for you throughout the apprenticeship if you have any problems or questions. This is a superb advantage of using us for your recruitment needs; whilst the training provider takes over from us once a placement is made, we will always be here to help and advise you as an additional layer of support.


Employ Apprentices in Oldham: Our Sectors

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Did you know?

According to Career Point GM, the Financial & Professional Services, a key growth area in Greater Manchester, employs 9,800 people in Oldham and accounts for 13% of jobs in the borough.


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