how to write a job advert

How to write a job advert

Learning how to write a job advert is the first step on your recruitment journey. You have an open vacancy in your business and need to find staff, the first thing you need to do before you advertise the job is to have a winning job spec. This sounds easier than it actually is, but don’t worry, this guide will help! This guide will show you how to write a job advert for your open position that will engage and attract the right candidates.

  1. The Job Title

The job title you set must be specific and honest. Do not mislead candidates – some people try to embellish job titles to “attract” more applications. However, what actually happens is you get the wrong type of applicants and that leads to confusion, and sometimes anger over being misled. This is counterproductive and will just waste your time. Stick to simple job titles that do exactly what it says on the tin. Do not use words like “ninja” or “all-star” in the job title…yes…this actually happens.

  1. Short Introduction

Write a short paragraph, no more than 100 words that describes the job and its main purpose. This is important as it allows candidates to quickly see if the job is right for them, thus eliminating any unnecessary applications and saves you time filtering out unsuitable candidates.

  1. Salary Details and Perks

We feel it is better to have the salary details near the top of the job advert rather than at the bottom. This is because the salary is obviously an important element in the attraction of candidates and will help identify the seniority of the role. You can also attract candidates with benefits, perks, holidays etc, and encourage them to keep reading. It is common for candidates to apply for roles without noticing the salary at the bottom of the ad, only to find out later on that the salary does not match their requirements.  Let’s save time by getting to the point eh!

  1. Job Responsibilities

A vital element when deciding how to write a job advert! This should be set out in clear bullet points. Be as specific as possible and include all the duties you would expect the member of staff to undertake. Do not be too concise here, try to write a detailed sentence for each point. We feel that it is important to list the responsibilities in order of importance.

  1. Person Specification/About You Section

No doubt you already have an idea of what sort of person you are looking for, so now is the time to put it in writing. Use clear bullet points again that include the skills, education, personal attributes and abilities that are required. It is ok to separate essential skills and desirable skills into two categories depending on the role. This part normally acts as the main filter, if candidates do not fulfil all of the essential skills, they may not apply at all. This can be a good thing if you want to pluck out a perfect candidate in a highly technical role, but may not be a good strategy with more generic roles with broader duties.

  1. Location of the Job

A short 40 word paragraph about the location is useful. If you have fancy offices with great transport links then show it off!

  1. About the Company

Write a short paragraph about your company explaining why it is a great company to work for, and how the role you are advertising relates to the business goals. So many job ads simply copy and paste text for the “about us” section of the website, but we find it better to tailor this for the role. For example for an ecommerce role “An award winning online retailer with a vision to increase sales across our multi-channel sales funnel”.

  1. Things to Avoid!
  • Avoid discrimination of the following protected characteristics: age; disability; gender reassignment; marriage and civil partnership; pregnancy and maternity; race; religion or belief; sex; sexual orientation.
  • You can read more about this here:
  • Avoid gender-biased language in your job descriptions – keep it neutral by avoiding words like Salesman (or other male-specific titles)
  • Do not write large blocks of texts, instead stick to bullet points. Huge chunks of texts are boring!

So to conclude, this guide on “how to write a job advert” will help you to construct your job spec with the right framework in mind. If you want a job template to work with, take a look at this website.  Of course if you do not know how to write a job advert and need assistance, a member of our team will gladly help write one for you. Please feel free to contact us.

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