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PPC Recruitment Manchester

Our senior recruitment consultants specialise in PPC recruitment in Manchester and Cheshire. We have placed PPC and paid search professionals across Greater Manchester in a diverse range of agencies and client-side businesses. These include businesses covering sectors such as eCommerce; Sports & Fitness; Manufacturing; Full service, creative and specialist PPC agencies.

For many Manchester businesses PPC and paid search is the most measurable acquisition channel for new customers. In many cases it is also the most effective method of delivering direct sales. This channel is an incredible way to reach and communicate with targeted customers and achieve pre-determined goals from brand awareness to making a sale or other conversion.

PPC Recruitment Agency

As a specialist PPC recruitment agency in Manchester, we stand out from the crowd.
PPC recruitment manchester
Fast Recruitment Service

As soon as you sign terms our team get to work immediately to find the right PPC professional for your team. We aim to have CVs to you in 48 hours or less, and in most cases we make a placement within 1-2 weeks.

ppc recruitment agencies manchester
Local Advantage

We are from Manchester, for Manchester. Our team are locals who understand the job market here in Manchester as well as the challenges and skills gaps the region possesses. We have a key advantage over recruiters who are not from the local area.

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Comprehensive Talent Search

Our consultants complete a full search campaign using job board databases, marketing response, our Internal database network, LinkedIn headhunting to source top 40-50 industry professionals relevant to the role.


PPC Recruitment Agencies in Manchester

If you are searching for PPC recruitment Manchester and require PPC and Paid Search professionals to join your team, speak to one of our expert PPC recruitment consultants today on 0161 532 8252. Our local talent search capabilities are of the highest caliber. We are confident that we can find & secure the best paid search talent in Manchester.

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    Speak to one of our consultants

    today on 0161 532 8252

    PPC Executive (PPC Account Manager)

    We recruit PPC executives and account managers in Manchester

    Low Salary
    Average Salary
    High Salary

    Average salary data is complied from 183 anonymous submissions to Indeed.

    PPC executives sit just behind PPC managers in an organisational hierarchy, and generally provide more of a supporting role with lower levels of accountability than their managerial counterparts. PPC executives are focused more on the tactical elements of delivering, monitoring and reporting of campaigns as opposed to managers who deliver on strategy. We recruit PPC executives in Manchester who are creative, motivated and have a strong desire for career progression.

    According to research conducted by Indeed, based upon 183 anonymous salary submissions, £24,818 per annum is the average salary for a PPC executive in Manchester. This is in line with the national average. We see quite a broad salary range among our clients with salaries ranging from £18,000 for a junior level PPC executive, to £25,000 for a mid-level candidate, and in some cases over £30k for more experienced professionals who take on more of a PPC manager function.

    • Setting up, running, optimising and analysing paid social and paid search campaigns.
    • Supporting the PPC manager in planning, implementation and optimisation of campaigns
    • Assist in the creation of engaging advert copy
    • Target relevant audiences
    • Analyse keywords and provide recommendations
    • Learn about the industry and become knowledgeable about latest trends and updates
    • Be responsible for weekly and trade reporting to the PPC manager and directors

    • At least 1 years’ experience minimum in most cases
    • Graduates and Trainees can be utilized if full training is provided
    • Experience of using Webmaster Tools and Google analytics
    • Analytical/reporting experience

    (Depending on how junior the role is, if these qualifications are not currently achieved, candidates must be willing to work towards completion)

    • Google AdWords
    • Google Analytics
    • Bing Certified
    • DoubleClick Certified


    We recruit PPC managers in Manchester both agency and client side.

    Low Salary
    Average Salary
    High Salary

    Average salary data is complied from anonymous submissions to Indeed and Glassdoor.

    PPC managers are responsible for creating, optimising and implementing effective paid adverts via appropriate online channels depending on the campaign goals. Part of the PPC manager’s job is to work with marketing and design departments to create engaging text, display or shopping advertisements which encourage customers to click and perform a desired action. We recruit PPC managers in Manchester who have extensive experience in managing large budgets for high level campaigns and have experience in managing and optimising successful PPC campaigns.

    Glassdoor paints a similar picture, stating their research shows a lower salary level of £29k and a higher level of £37k. This range in salary is obviously linked directly to the candidate’s experience and we do see clients paying experienced PPC managers over £50k in order to secure the best talent in some cases.

    • Managing PPC budgets for high level campaigns
    • Analytically minded
    • Reporting & preparing presentations on ROI
    • Create engaging ad copy
    • Target relevant audiences
    • Analyse keywords
    • Ensure that campaign effectiveness is measured and recorded
    • Manage the landing page experience
    • Optimise AdRank
    • Effectively manage bid strategies

    • 2+ years’ experience minimum
    • Proven track record in driving successful paid search campaigns

    • Google AdWords
    • Google Analytics
    • Bing
    • DoubleClick Certified

    PPC Leadership

    We recruit PPC Leaders in Manchester, from Head of Paid Search to Heads of Performance.

    Low Salary
    Average Salary
    High Salary

    Average salary data is complied from anonymous submissions to Glassdoor.

    Leadership job titles in this field vary from company to company, but most commonly the job titles are labelled as Head of Paid Search; Head of Performance Marketing; Head of PPC; or Head of Paid Media. This is because PPC can be separated into specialisms such as paid social media ads, paid search such as Google Adwords, display advertising, retargeting adverts and affiliate marketing. It is common for large organisations to hire a leader for each type, who then report to a Head of Digital. However, it is also common to have one Head or Director who provides leadership for the whole PPC genre to whom middle managers report to.

    Generally, Leaders such as the Head of PPC (and various similar titles) will be responsible for managing the team of PPC account managers, executives and managers. They will be accountable for monitoring and tracking the team’s performance using highly measurable KPI’s and provide on-going support and recommendations to the PPC managers in order to improve clients (or the company’s) campaigns.

    • Provide leadership in developing successful PPC campaigns
    • Support PPC managers with client meetings and onboarding
    • Support the PPC team with ongoing training and motivation
    • Provide a positive contribution to the organisations corporate culture
    • Reduce staff turnover and provide lead support in recruitment processes
    • Set deadlines and KPI targets for the teams in order to manage performance
    • Be a thought leader in the industry and attend key events / speak publicly at industry events
    • Identify latest trends to the industry and apply change techniques to your team effectively
    • Report regularly to the Managing Director to ensure corporate objectives are being met.

    • 5 years+ experience working in a similar role
    • Proven track record in PPC field
    • Up to date knowledge and experience in PPC planning and strategy
    • If the role is agency side, then agency experience is essential
    • Deep passion for PPC and digital marketing in general

    According to Glassdoor research the average salary for a Digital Leader, such as a Head of PPC is around £60,000 per annum with a low of around £40,000, and an upper salary of £96,000 pa depending on the role and the size of the employer.

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